Entropia Elements LETRA

I’m standing motionless inside and waiting
Waiting lonely in the lobby I’m praying for you
My dear, everlasting love, oh, it can’t be true you left

Gray and lifeless lies beyond the window mist
This graveyard where a little girl plays in the midst
Under the rain

I’ve dreamt a world with you
Oh, Lillian oh, Lillian, I promise I loved you till the ending finally came

Whispering a lullaby, the girl now lies in the corner
She said the day she’d leave, I’d meet my father
True words, uttered, oh, and I became a mourner

Familiar face approaches suddenly
Young lad, long time, no see, this is my granddaughter “Sophie”
Lillian’s offspring

I cry in despair, (it’s time to farewell)
Cleansing fire don’t tear her from me!

Oh dear wind, won’t you fall in love and dance with the rain, her ashes must travel away
Seed the land that curses her name, little girl please hold my hand
And don’t let go, (don’t let go) don’t let go, (please don’t go) where the lilies dare to grow
Fly away (don’t you stay), don’t you stay, (Lillian) Lillian my love remains

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