Dreamtale Dancing in the Twilight LETRA

Though sky he was, not blue or white
And wherever the winds were breezing
Clouds of black were falling down
And rain that was freezing

When the lightning struck
The moonlight was plain and pale
And blinking sky still silent as death
Staring from the above

We felt the ghostly face of night
And the damp covering its might
Sitting on the rock beyond the life
We stared again at the sky

Then the lightning struck the tree
Standing fearless on the hill
It was whispered to us to come by it
And feel the powers of nature so free

And now the nightingale was singing
Heard by two adventurers smiling
Under the moon that was now full
And mother nature in its infinity

Still the betrothed are sitting beyond the life
And wondering the glory and the adore of night
And the eternity continues as the freedom
Calls us to Dance in the Twilight...

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