Pettalom Irate Lizard LETRA

The irate lizard,
Creep by the dunes.
Of a idea's desert, the lizard take on,
Among the cold and the misery.
By the skin and realities,
Of your heroes, killers and strangers.
Feeling the taste of mazes,
And the colors and the leaved pains.
Over the infinite trails,
Of the lost and the conquered dreams.

Walking by the sun light,
When finish in the evening end.
Your rays in my face,
Big memories, of times that no more return.

Oh, sensations, my forgotten rage,
Is the place where the sun ends.
Over my old secrets words,
My body cry at the touch of old dreams.

The lizard take on by sweat,
By the fever of the burning heat.
Where the dreams doors of realities,
Of the life and death are confunded.

Eyes of the lizard,
Tears of the moon.
Songs of the insane,
Storms before the sun.

The irate lizard,
Devour my mazes then rest in peace.
Of the times that cross,
That cross streets and lanes.

Like a crowd without control,
Your memories photograph the floor.
In each dream that breathe,
Drinking the perspiration of thoughts that move.
And end.

Moving to the end.

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