Magica The silent forest LETRA

Unicorns, goblins, hobbits, magic ents
Faeries, pixies, urchins and evil orcs
Seems like over and over they all get in my way
But they tremble and scatter when I say
"- Eu sunt Alma!"
The day is fading in silence
I made my way through the mire
I step into the elven land
And I climb the ancient spire
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One sound of the bell
and seven arrows are pointed at me
The elves have me surrounded
Ready for the kill
But they stop, and a tree suddenly awakens
And the flow of it`s sea slowly forms the Elder.
And silent, slowly comes to me and gives me
The Emerald Sword of the Ancient
And sends me on my way.
I`m walking through the silent forest
And the trees and the wind are crying with me
I sing to the silent forest
Maybe now will uncover it`s mystery.

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