Backyardigans A challenge LETRA

P: I have a challenge, a daring kind of test

T & U: He has a challenge, that's why he needs the best

P: I have a challenge, I hope you don't protest

T & U: Oh king, tell us your challenge, we're ready for our quest!

T: Will we have to find a princess and climb real high to save her?

P: This challenge is much harder, you'll have to be much braver

T & U: Braver?

P: Braver! The importance is much graver

U: Will we journey to the mountains and chase a hairy beast?

P: The challenge will be tougher, or just as tough at least

T & U: Tougher?

P: Tougher! And perhaps a little rougher! I have a challenge, for the brave knights of my court

T & U: He has a challenge, and we are just the sort
P: I have a challenge, it could be long or short

T & U: Oh please, tell us your challenge, we're ready to report!

U: Will it test our hearts and souls?

T & U: Tell us, please tell us!

T: Will we battle angry trolls?

T & U: Tell us, please tell us!

T: Will we get to face a...dragon?

U: Ahhhhhhh! A dragon, a dragon, will we get to face a dragon?

T: A dragon that breathes fire?

U: A dragon that goes roar?

T: Oh, please tell us, please tell us

T & U: We can't take it anymore, we can't take it anymore!

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