As Fast As Until September LETRA

Yellow finger cigarette
raccoon socket black regret
if summer was a pill
I’d be doped up still
January marches on
still you linger in my song
thought I’d moved along
but every time I see you
I remember

Saturdays it’s raining in your room
I kiss you while you sleep
until September
watching out for you leads to my doom
you say it’s for the best
but I suppose
we’ll never know
I suppose
we’ll never know

try and try to force myself
to think about somebody else
the dead come out at night
a colossal waste of time
I pour myself a cup of tea
it’s peppered bees and scalding heat
try to see your face
but every time I think I can’t remember

terminal velocities on hold
cuz what you say to me
I contemplate but shrug
and walk away
tell me what you want is
just to nail me to the cross
so I can finally breathe a sigh
while I remember


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