Angelica Vasilcov Missing Me, Missing You LETRA

Sometimes I sit and think about me...
seeing what i used to be.
A selfish girl who didn't care...
about the love that you have shared.

But now I sit yet stand alone...
There's no one here to call my own.
And if I could tear back five year's time...
I wouldn't fight with you over a dime.

Tell me sister what am i suposed to do...
when you're so far away and i need you.
I can see that time is passing us through...
and I know I'm missing me and missing you.

And I feel emptiness inside...
day after day and night by night.
And everything that we've been through...
reminds me how much I need you.

I'm sorry...
for the girl I used to be.
I can feel you from the distance...
cause you're the angel next to me.

I'm missing you,
I'm missing you.

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