Jojo You Bring Me Up LETRA

Isn't it funny
The things you said and done to me
But now Lady I wanna be free
You lied to me
You said you never would play me
But I found out
That you were lying all the time
You pick me up
You bring me down
When I thought I found in you
Solid ground
You turned my smile
Into a frown
Girl you promise you
never let me down
But now you're not around
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
When I was up
Girl you brought me down
Played me like a clown
When you thought I stay around
So you could
You could abuse me
Take my heart
And use me
And you see I'm still around
For you talk before your smile
There is something I got to say
Something I can't delay
You hurt me so bad
And you made me feel sad
It's a feeling I can't explain
I won't let you wreck my brain
You said you never hurt me
But then you going to
desert me baby

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