Gojira Flying Whales LETRA

Waters of chaos
Have invaded all space
The flood on earth again
I have to find the whales
That once did guide us
To dry lands of life
I won't despair
I'll break this dark all around

Under the heavy sea
I'll search the flight of whales

Beneath the seas I searched
And had a different view
Of us on earth:
The sinking ship of men
But it's beyond the stars
I found the place
Where they were
And they finally came to light

Over the winds
They dwell in light
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Like the arrow in the sky
I found myself on higher grounds
From up here
For I see them in flight

Now I can see the whales
Looming out of the dark
Like arrows in the sky
I can't believe my eyes
But it's true

Huge tunnel ends in light
Like banks of clouds they gather
See massive shape of flesh
Swimming giants in the clear
The mightiest comes to me
I'm on the wing, wide open
They teach me how to fly
Slowly moving in the air
They dance

So much told with
no words at all
Powerful presence
for only speach

Over the winds
They dwell in light

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