Animé Where are you? LETRA

I wanna run in sugar rain
I wanna get in gorgeous rainbow
I wanna know! Who is my prince?
If you are here show up in time right away
Chorus 1
Where are you, "my hero"?
How are you, "my hero"?
What do you do, "my hero"?
I'm waiting for you!
Chorus 2
Where are you, Prince Charming?
I need just one more step
I wanna be a girl in love
I need you boy

Who are you, standing in my way?
Who are you, kicking in my nightmare?
Who are you? I'm gonna kick you out!
I never lose against anything "Oh yeah"
Chorus 3
Go away "my shadow"!
Scary "my shadow"!
I'll kill you "my shadow"!
Hey, don't forget!
Chorus 4
Hold it, if you move and die
I need just "my hero"
I wanna be a girl in love
I need to fight

Chorus 1

Chorus 2

Chorus 3

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