Showbread The Goat LETRA

I am the pride, I am the lust
I am the burning ache
I am the you you always were
I am eternal fake
I am the beast, I am the snake
I am the love of self
I am your heart, I am your soul
I am the living Hell

So open up and let it in
I'm not afraid of anything, I never have been

I am the drip, I am the creep
I am the ugly truth
I am the dirt, I am the pain
I am inside of you
I am the cries, I am the lies
I am the empty
I am the ever growing hole
Growing inside of me

No future for anyone

I am the end, I am the waste
I am the hollow shell
I am the numb, I am the trash
I am the god of self
I am the death, I am the filth
I am the everything
I am inside, I am alive
I am the anything

So open up and let it in
Burn me up, swallow me
Turn me up and follow me

(You) can't save yourself

I am the faith that melts away
I am the open mouth
I am the ache that eats away
I am the restless doubt
I am the life that ends in tears
No point to anything
But I am my own
I am I am I am I am
I am the road that leads to nowhere
I'm the nothing
I am the tentacles that tangle you
I'm the empty
I am me, I am myself, I am I
I am the only thing
I am the neverending lie

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