Showbread The Pig LETRA

Whisper something to me so I can hear your voice
I’m pushing you away, my will be done, it is my choice
You sing to me in inky black with tendrils flailing wildly
Yet I remain in solid stone, no force on earth will move me

Why does it seem that all is slipping further from me?
I build and build and reaching up my arms can not reach anything
Give me something, anything
Why is it bleak and barren
Don’t I deserve the world after building building building?
You dangle happiness before me yet keep it out of reach
My well is dry and still I try to fill it up I seek and seek and seek
Nothing lasts except the empty swallowing my soul
But I will rise above this world and I will fill my holes

my heart and soul belong to me, I am my own
My own my own

I am a fire
I eat the world and defecate the shell

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