Krisiun Whore Of The Unlight LETRA

Whore of the unlight, drift into the blackest night
Seduce the sons of god
Whore of the unlight, mother of doomed spirits
Give birth to aberrations
Mundane, vile huntress, slaughter infants cursed
Castrate religious preys
Angel of transgression, evoked through sinful dreams
Jackals and serpents follow

Whore of the unlight, become the fall of shadows
Of nocturnal, infamous nature
Whore of the unlight, descend into venereal dreams
The sinless become sinful
Prostitute of Babylon, expulsed from paradise
Drink the blood of prophets

Mundane, agonizing breed of ethereal, sickened scum
Praise the merciless mother of sodomized aberrations
Vile procreation of soulless, abysmal scum
Praise the mother raised from dust and mud
The one who kills all bastard sons
Praise the mother-killer of bastard sons

[Repeat 1st Verse]
[Repeat 3rd Verse]

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