J-Zone The Zone Mission 가사


Zone world known player hater cause I spoke the truth

Pimp fallacies; you don't even use a vocal booth

I player hate with pride, that's my job, I do overtime

(I work) Put it on a t-shirt, opened up a clothing line

You wanna be old school and clench dick beaters

We can rock, to them James Brown beats or wear Adidas

("Not many crews have slammin albums.." -> KRS-One)

That's why I didn't do a twelve inch, so stop askin'

I threaten cute girls, the (??) is a good one

Tell 'em I'm a megastar, but only made one joint

"Music for Your Mother," I was first seen

Now I keep attention like LL's book; chapter 13

The borough that you brag about, nigga you don't own it (nah)

The dime piece in the video, you ain't bone it (NOPE)

But when I shoot a video my hoes'll look busted (ill)

Least I can brag on the low how I touched it

You birds make me sick pigeon (BEOTCH) I can't shoot ya

so I play "Duck Hunt," to avoid goin to prison

I can't breakdance and do graffiti so I'm assed out

So I autograph and cha cha until I pass out

"Left, right (cha cha cha) one, two (cha cha cha)

Left, right (cha cha cha) one, two (hahahahaha..)"

Yeah, Zone Mission Part Eight

As for parts two through seven

go look for 'em..

Right now you wonderin where the chorus is

but I don't do that shit

So keep your ears peeled cause niggaz still frontin


And who has somethin to say about it?

"Nigga, next time you hear grown folks talkin

shut the fuck up, hear?"

God put me on this planet for a purpose:

to make hip-hop and disrespect it at the same time

Diss cats with lame rhymes?  Nah I diss the greatest

Cause legends rob banks and smoke crack during hiatus

Now you pawned a gold chain, you got sued why?

You known for jackin that's all you do

Diss Trojan ends for takin away the feelin

Diss them herb cats that danced to raise the ceiling

Kids drivin Lexuses with no 401K plans

Kids up in my grill freestylin with the hot breath

Graduated from Yale sayin rappers totally got left

My penalty is life I slay the chumps so we got death

Avirex foes lookin like they used batteries

Bohemian, babblin, new world fallacy

Fuck Y-2-K, it's a year like any other

(Still) hoes blowin cock

(Still) brothers killin brothers

(Still) pigs eatin donuts

(Still) chickens at the mall

Plug it, cool kids beatin it while pretty boys and thugs fuckin

New year's 2000?  Shit I ain't goin nowhere (hell no)

Be in my crib laughin at the idiots in Times Square

Watch the ball drop, knowin that it's brick freezin

Maybe for a change I'll get a broad for a reason

But if my luck is bad and that chick ain't freakin

it's a new year not a blue year so fuck it I'll be beatin it

They be makin beats, preparin for nuttin

Zone Mission Part Eight, niggaz still frontin!


People still frontin, but it's all good

Many are loungin yo

Be comin up to me sayin

man you be havin no choruses in your shit, knahmsayin?

Yo I got no response for that

"If you don't like it then chew my wood

I couldn't care less.. ""Fuck, fuck you!"


"I can only say, better luck next time.."

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