Revolution Renaissance I did it my way LETRA

Look at me do you see
All the thing I want you to see
You're telling me, sure I now you so well
But you just act when you are back against the wall
What is true what is fake
Everithing that you make or you take
It's plain to see
Image wise you're okay
Bu is there anything inside of you
So hear me say
I don't wanna do the things you say
I don't wanna play the game you play
I just wanna be myself and walk the road whitout pretending
I just wanna live my life, be true
So many things there are that I will do
When I'm looking back the road at least I can say:
I did iy my way

There you are once again
Telling me how the things all shoul be
And that I care far too much about my art
"Cause you ow they will never understand"
I am me, I canot be, What i'm not I am real and I feel,
but you can never stop you forgot
Cause no one's gonna tell me what to do
So hear me say...

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