Adolecentes Jugando A ganar (en inglés) LETRA

Today the sun brings a different message
I do not know how to explain q's happening in my
Q only time comes,
Q my life will change,
Porq told me the wind did not take to reach q

I led this life without knowing the playing q
Among peers and between nones, I did not want to lose
But everything has changed
And you no longer expect in a dream
Porq becomes reality as both wanted q


Playing to win, playing to win
Is to believe in this love forever
Q aunq not know how that started
Heaven knows where to go.
Playing to win, playing to win
Early dawn is within you,
Is to open our eyes and see smile
In your face mysteries
Q speak my

Q It is the magic I see in your eyes
Q is the camibo feel my skin
Is the force q teaches love
Q is the game I am not going to lose


You do not need anything more in my life
I knew what the secret to the end
Everything was so simple and easy
I love you today, playing to win

Playing to win, playing to win
Q is the game began our eyes
I love you!
Playing to win, playing to win
Ay! That is the magic and the strength of this love
Porq happened without knowing
Playing to win, playing to win
Everything!, Wind and the sun
Sunrise early in my skin
This is how you wish
Playing to win, playing to win
And I will play .... To win !.....

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