The real group Lift me up 가사

Everything I have to do will never be done

Only 'cause I'm very very lazy

Out of all the things to do I maybe do one

And I'm going very very crazy

It's getting bad I'm going mad

But I don't blame anybody but me

It's getting worse it's like a curse

I need you to set me free

If you saw me sitting on the sofa all day

You would never call me energetic

What you think of me you wouldn't want to say

Apathetic people are pathetic

I want to stop being a flop

But tell me why should I give it a try

'Cause I am bound to hit the ground

And that's when you'll hear me cry

Lift me up I want you to lift me up

Hold me up I want you to hold me up

Lift me up better to be a better me

People see a loser when they're looking my way

That's a side of me forever showing

But I could go from zero to a hero today

All I need is you to get me going

It's time to act and that's a fact

I'll be a star shining in the sky

And when I do I promise you

You won't have to hear me cry

Lift me up...

I know you'll love me until the end indeed

You're up above me my only friend in need

You see me falling you hear me calling

No matter when no matter why

I know that you and make me fly

Lift me up...

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