Guaco Regalame tu amor (en ingles) LETRA

Regálame Tu Amor

Regáleme your love in spring
Or shade your eyes
Or your tender heart
Regálame a little bit of your life
That encourages me and I take consolation
When I am away from you
Regálame your voice
Or your trust or the consolation of mirarte
Or you encouragement of women

Regálame love your face
Or regálame a moment to breathe verte
Remember that love and lived
Since we met
And there again and sigh
Not that you need your presence
I need your love, I need your watch

Understand that I am at your side dichoso
That there is nothing more beautiful
That you can caress
Your absence unveils me every night
And my life is a regret I can no longer mourn more
Regálame a tear if you want
For that I need to have something from you

That desire to hurt my feelings
That desire to kill the illusion
That desire to damage my thoughts
If I were you and given all the soul


* Regáleme your love for a moment
Feeling well who no stamina *

Only women ask you a little bit of your life
My heart works for you
My soul for you breathe

* Regáleme your love for a moment
Feeling well who no stamina *

I would like to awaken the child in you
And able to show everything I have been yours
Within my

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