Spm Garza West LETRA

[SPM Verse One:]
From the hood, And I stood on them Houston streets
We stick together like cuban's links
I had a nine on my waist guns I straddle
44 at the crib with the ivory handle
I'm the rocker betty crocker cooking cookies and cakes
V-12 the blow it up as my coke inflates
Ima swanga Gucci on my hangar
Just bought my cousin on the ranch a ford wrangler
I like to ride horses like mustangs and porches
Pain is my producer leader of the dark forces
Striking like matches droppin like ashes
I only buy dances if they paying college classes muthafucka

I'm wrecking for my G's in Garza West
I'm wrecking for my G's in Garza East
I'm wrecking for my G's in T.D.C
As I ball in this penitentiary

[Juan Gotti Verse Two:]
Mi esposa wont listen, Keeps coming up missing
Feliz Navidad aqui en Transde State prison
No visits no kisses
No off the chain bitches
No mas on tv magazines and nin wishes
I work on the hoes WHAT! Living c dorm
Life with a 4.5 got me this job
Makes bread with my fool ese loco and tontos
everyday tensions fights for the tubo
House regulation droppin cantones
Bosses talk shit cuz I drove on my sobre
Traded my cornbread desert over juice
Dried up pro bullshit that aint no food
As in fool on the cool parole sent me off way
4 Years fa sho without no release day
You vatos dont feel me? You living the free
As I ball through this penitentary

[Hook 2x]

[SPM Verse Three:]
Swissha sweet rollin
Pockets still swolen
Might meet a bitch and take her fine ass bowling
Money out the colon benz aint stolen
Might watch Tiger Woods at the Houston open
And I got hoes even ones that hawaian
Slangin more white balls than the Nolan Ryan
Nine with the silence, Might turn to violence
This for all my pipe tokin crack smoking clients
And my grass is much greener South Park beaner
Putting dick to a real famouse R&B singer
Blowing like a tuba wet like a scuba
candy coated cougar I'm a balla and hooper
Hata heart breaker bloody shirt stainer
Jumpin on my diving board finna do a ganna
Blades on my benz tons of fake friends
Sprayed down my seats with the cherry fragrance muthafucka

[Hook 2x]

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