The Human Abstract Mea Culpa LETRA

We shared a common trade of reasoning out the years
Of failed affections and faces to forget
You should have told me
That the ties that made it all worth the while
Were quickly becoming a race to the blame
I tried to gain the advantage over you
Its plain to see theres nothing I could do or say
I tried to gain the advantage over you
A sad parade with nothing left to lose or gain
I could feel it coming
Like a train wreck, rumbling off the tracks
With every ounce of strength
I strain to pay back that dirty money
And the fortune abstract, but theres no feeling left intact
For the victim is now a god,
Doling out judgment, strike with divining rod
I dont want to get involved, looks like youre doing fine
But when I lay up at night, I can feel your eyes
And I can see your eyes, and I go rushing in to a world inside
Where theres none in between, and nothing can be denied
Struck down and stripped of pride,
That I could forgive you for once in our lives
But I failed, and I dont know why, Ill never know why
I failed and I dont know why

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