Adolecentes Ancianos (en ingles) LETRA

I am sitting singing a bachata
And reminding our youth
I was not that you ever di
Not simply because it wanted so
I looked for you and I did not case
Platicaba you my great and pure love
And the next day try to give you
Habías you left me without reason

And you always wait you cry
And you never look more I find you
Not because you left on my side
I have not forgotten when I knew you

Your hair always wavy
Your cheeks were pink
And that smile was always a great envy
And d your laughter white your teeth are ivory
I was half hairstyle
Pantalon almidonado
And the creek looking every night
You sing your criticism that I did my

And my eyes were my desire is nublaban
Spent years as I suffered for you
Today I am old and you still remembering
And it is not my mind that gives me more then
On the way someone permission slowly
I feel something strange inside of the heart
A woman with open arms
And from afar it pedia forgiveness

And wait until I could see
Decia but only Perdoname
Not because I went myself on your side
I have not forgotten when I knew you

Whenever I was bugged
Apartabas you on my side
If at the time I had taken account
This would not have passed not by my sufririas
And now we are elderly
I and anyone without your waiting
Live together what I am anchored
Perdoname past what I want to die with you
NA Nara Nara Nara

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