A.5 Dia tras dia (en ingles) LETRA

In my problems your vinistes my
Always fuistes my company
My whole life pass along to you
And your soul was always in mine.

And when had Soledad
Was your spiritual beauty
Unio us in love
Build confidence and harmony
My spirit.


Now that you are leaving,
Hours spent day after day I love you more
Your heat is not surprising now that these

As a child toys with you
Make me happy as wise
I taught to grow
Logreee heal
And return to my
We did laugh.


I see in your face
When I walk by my dreams
In the rain
You see mojandote memories
And I feel that even those close to me.

(I remember every moment and every word you said,
Your unconditional love, your smile, a great dejastes
In my empty, without leaving footprints as final steps in
Sand, I am doing so now that you are not missing)


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