Sadus Power Of One LETRA

Mindless fools listen
To a brainwashing, false doctrine
Live to obey
As they tune into the oracle each day
Embedded in the brain of the potentially insane
Susceptible to be deceived easily
The prophet for the blind is possession if the mind
A manipulation of the public's domination
I'm the influence of suggestion
Your life is my obsession
I'm the voice of the media
The power of propaganda
I've given to you my system
Of which you'll become a victim
A system of conformity
Forfeit of your liberty
So careless, you are, of your destiny
So confused, of what, has come to be
Your life, your worth, you've given up to me
Believing, my words, I've become your deity
A hollow shell of what you used to be
Your life-form drained of mentality
Thoughts are ruled by complexity
As you're numbed, and sink into dormancy
Categorized in societies dominion
As a glitch of that non-exception
Deceived by the generalized opinion
A meaningless specter
a lifeless zombie
your ice is thin
Trust in false gods, only to be deceived again
Your fate is as shallow as the grave you rot in
Mindless fools listen
Live to obey
A life of submission, to the oracle of obmission
A life of submission, to the oracle of obmission
A life of submission, to the oracle of obmission

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