Penumbra Underwater Dream LETRA

I can see you through the surface
I know that you calling me
I can see you through the surface
Discovering more than others see

Movements of waves distort your face
But you make me feel you're so beautiful
There are no pain and no disgrace
This world seems so peacefully


Just fall into the water
gliding deeper and deeper
Don't take your breath don't swim
It's an under water dream

Shall of fishes turn around me
In the silent carousel
My vision is not very clear
But I hearing your strange spell

So guide me in this trouble world
Call me with your crystal voice
If it's me you are waiting for
Let me come to you my love


You are down and I still not there
You can't hear my presence around
You realize there's nothing here
You don't want to touch the ground

Now, you can hardly see the light
Your darkness grave waits for me
You want to move but you can't fight
You are alone in this cold sea

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