Penumbra Testament LETRA

Anger, despair and tears guide
My hands upon this parchment
My torments will stop now
Because my destiny, I master

No one lays down his arms
The next day always comes
I only can live without it
Or die in betrayal

My will is weakened and
I am a wretched fighter
My consciousness slowly
Fades away to a world of no return

But our love is eternal
It shines of a blinding light
It will continue to reign
Within me after my death

I don't want their pity
Nor your tears
The way out of suffering
Is the only flame which drives me

I leave no heir
I destroy all that I was
I take away in silence
All these armies in abyss

Make the truce now begin
Of this war I banish
I feel the cold reaching you
This way an episode ends

The one of your life
For my spirit to join you.
In this waves of loud noises
And you will wait, Oh my love

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