Penumbra Priestess Of My Dreams LETRA

Oh, priestess of my dreams,
when under the April moon you appeared
Stealing my soul and my thoughts,
I could have loved to taste your lips

Oh, priestess of my dreams
Ho, this dark mysterious voice
is coming out of the night to me
My soul's trembling from flurry
and desire attempting to find happiness

I felt this mighty love which
from the earth up to the sky
Was breaking the chains of the unhappys,
through time and space

The light on your sweet face,
lightened your heavenly eyes
That through fine tears attest
the purity of my message

The light wind in your hair
makes it dances in this divine melody
Which is singing in my ear to embrace you,
to deliver you
To embrace you, to deliver you,
the wind is dancing in my brain
It's singing in my ear, to embrace you,
to deliver you

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