Conception Reach Out LETRA

I am a god
I live tomorrow here today (I am far too young to worry)
just open wide I see right through you anyway (it's so easy to be free)
reach out
reach out
you'll live forever
reach out
reach out
and I'll stand by
when the water pulls you down
when you stop to wonder why
never hesitate
just reach out for me when you're at the lost and found
when you need a glimpse of light in the lack of faith
just reach out for me
I am a god
but I don't wanna see you pray (life is too short for reproaches)
just break the bond and you will find we are the same (it's so easy to be me)
you must find strength you know I'm here for you
reach out
reach out
it's now or never
reach out
reach out
and cross that line

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