Massacra Baptized In Decadence LETRA

The meaning of words comes from within
The gift of life is death in the end
Infinite enemies and forgotten friends
Experiences is wisdom
A law you cannot bend
From up and above and down below
Religion is money
Just part of the show
Innocence at birth for all that it?s worth
Baptized in corruption
On the road to humanity
Given to Adam this present from Eve
Eternal damnation is the form of a seed
In order to lie you must believe
To be like the others you have to deceive
To steal from another is a brother in need
To give all you?ve got, just to bleed
Written on paper
Etched in stone, histories of life
And futures unknown
Time is your mother
Innocence at birth for all that it?s worth
Baptized in decadence
For total self destruction

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