Officer Negative Pressure LETRA

You joke and laugh
and put me down
spit and cuss me
with a frown
mocking things
behind my back
do we really need
all that
hating me for my belief
is that the way its supposed
to be
where's your talk of unity
Jesus Christ will set you free

the pressure is on me
for what i believe
the pressure is on me
to stand for Christ in me

have you become
what you hate
hard-core life
you demonstrate
hating God with worldly cries
where's your open minded eyes
more punk rock then
the other ones
your piercing tats
are still not done
more hard-core in your scene
hating Christians
is your thing

its not hard to figure out
what we believe
so you can try
and drag us down
God's on our side
we will suceed

so what has happened here
are you gunna live in fear
take a stand for what is right
me and Christ are gonna fight
don't be ashamed
you might be blamed
but share the news today
that Christ is the only way

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