Overkill Ignorance & Innocence LETRA

I ain't lookin' for a reason,
I ain't searchin' for my soul...
I'm findin' all the answers,
It's the questions I don't know...

Seen it from the outside!
Outside lookin' in.
What's it like to be inside?
Will I ever stop payin' for my sins?

Will I see the light of day?
When will all these dues be paid?
Send on down a sign to me,
Or am I too blind too see?

Ignorance! and innocence, go hand in hand.
Ignorance! and innocence, am I guilty man?

Yes I am.

Takin' rides on a one way street to nowhere.
I'm lookin' for a sign I understand.
Passin' time to save my mind,
Following that road that winds,
In and out of my own towns of hell.

Standin' up or layin' down,
My head goes spinnin' round and round again.
My head is spinning, head is spinning,


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