MxPx Where did you go? LETRA

I dream that someday I will find you
The blue skies turn to rain
And they're never coming back again
I've got your picture in my mind here
You're the one that got away
I was begging you to stay with me

Where did you go I just don't know?
My life is scattered in the wind
I'm trying to begin again
Where did you go I just don't know?
I don't wanna cry myself to sleep again
I don't wanna wake up all alone again

I've never been dealt a hand like this
With face cards running dry
And rain falling from the sky
What could have been if you had stayed
Broken dreams would mend
You'd be sitting in the summer wind with me

But all I've got are memories
And dreams of how my life could be
Dreams of how my life could be.

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