Pennywise Not Far Away 가사

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Hey it's my time

To change my direction in life just by reading the signs

Hey it's my turn

To see how many of my bridges will burn

I feel something breathing down my neck

Thought of tomorrow's got me like a nervous wreck

No time for sorrow it's your judgement day

It's not far away It's not far away

There's a shiny coffin for you to rot in

And waste your days

It's not far away

Hey I got something to say

Before the spirit of life starts slippin' away

I'm not gonna end my life

Wishing for one more chance again to get it right

I hear voices echo from the grave

Whispering softly it's your judgement day

Hey I won't rest in peace

Until this world is sick of hearing from mr

Hey get outta my way

I got alot more living to do before my

judgement day

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