Scissor Sisters Lights LETRA

No pussyfootin' or that look of surprise
Can't hide the holes in your eyes or cover up that bitter smile
All the birds can see that your heading south
That mirror deep in your mouth reflects you running on for miles

When you cut the lights out think of me
When you cut the lights think of all the things you can't see
But are they real?
That face will be revealed

Nobody's callin' that payphone in your mind
I wonder just what they find but that line's busy all the time
I ain't got nothng but your seed on my face
You'll put them babies to waste without your finger in the pie


My mama told me one thing I'll remember till I die
The one you want the most will be the one that you defy
The times they're gonna love you
Like stitches in the scar
You can never run from trouble
'Cause these ain't no place that far


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