Bomshell Rocks Cheated Again LETRA

Cheated Again cause I play by your rules
Cheated Again and now I look like a fool
Cheated Again by a trick from the book
Cheated Again well you sure got me hooked

Cheated Again cause I'm always too kind
Cheated Again cause I was too blind
Cheated Again yeah I fell for that one
Cheated Again by your silver tongue

Oh oh! Now I know
I've seen your true colors
Now you're down so low
Oh oh! Now I know! I should have realized
So long ago

Cheated Again like so, like so many times before
Cheated Again now don't now give me no more
Cheated Again I should have, I should have know
Cheated Again now I'm sick to the bone

I'm cheated again but what can I do?
I'm cheated again, and I bet you're cheated too!

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