Pantera 25 Years 가사 ROMANIZED

25 Years

I vent my frustration at you old man, after

Years your ears will hear..You screamed that you

Tried, but it's words of a weakling and promises made

By a drunken liar fucking liar. Now you pick up that splintered

Chair, that was aiming for your head. A head that should

Have been long ago kicked in by me. Alone.

I won't lose a second of sleep for this...Don't touch me.

Orphaned to the dope and drinks, I learned my lesson well,

Somehow(?), from you. No tears. Can't clutch my regrets.

But these years of detachment have left me with

Demons now surfacing. But I'm becoming more than nothing.

You never knew the answers to any of my questions, did you?

You made up all the answers to my unimportant existence.

But now you don't have to dump me off, not again...

Don't touch me again.

I vow, lest I die tomorrow...

You'll never be the father I am. The bastard father to

The thousands of the ugly, criticized, the unwanted. The

Ones with fathers just like you. We're fucking you back.

I'm shoving my life right down your throat. Can I

Find the guts? Can I feel the heart? Look at the

Ground as you choke me up, does it taste like tequila?

Or failure?

We're fucking you back.

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