Sahara Hotnights The Difference Between Love And Hell LETRA

I thought I could prove you are wrong and
I thought I could change that mind of yours
You go back to where you belong now
You go back you're not safe with me anymore

Stop looking for perfection
Stop looking for an easy way to my heart
You keep moving in the wrong direction
You keep fooling yourself while we're falling apart

My baby's gone blind he can't tell
The difference between love and hell
It's ok you may go right away
You're finally free from my spell

So give me one good reason why I'm needed tomorrow
One reason to be here when you wake up
Fingers numb and my eyes so hollow
But hey you can try to talk me out of giving up

If I'd do it all over
Wouldn't throw it all away
cos' it's taking us nowhere
And you're finally free from the spell you can't see

I'm asking for your full attention
I'm asking, do you know why people stay on
You won't get far with your good attention
We won't get far and you're better off on your own
I got sick of setting the standards
I found a challenge in trying to hit a new low
Grew tired of being the commander
Anything to get a reaction
But I should have known

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