Sahara Hotnights Fire Alarm LETRA

This is a red letter day
Your eyes shine as you say
I saw God and she looks like you
You're too proud and please
I try not to breathe
A sound might break us in two

No, no, no way
We're not making any promises
No, no, no way
We're not making any handshake deals

This is the sunniest day
You're so blown away
Saying: who can compete with you?
I don't know what to say
Hey, I'm not gonna stay
I don't want to conquer your land

He's got a fire alarm
And it calls when I do what I shouldn't do
Said I'm gonna do you no harm
Still I do it all over again I'm sorry

This is where I draw the line
I'm here to kill all the fun
But I know you'll get around
So good at turning you down
Out of place put of time
Yeah I know you'll get around

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