Pridebowl Drippings Of The Past LETRA

time, is like a burning candle flaming with light
drippings of the past surround our future
life, leaving only residue behind
the flame, the heart, the wick, the brain
the wax that covers it all
protecting all the vital organs of time to come
as time melts away,
as so does nature's course
a force, even a burning flame cannot escape
time, candle like man's birth
created for life on earth
every memory takes form as does melted wax
some memories they hang
the others, they only fall
the flame, the heart, the wick, the brain
the wax, protected all
now nothing is left, but the organs of our lives
a force, even a burning candle cannot escape!
life is like a burning candle
just waiting to melt away

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