Pridebowl The Soft Song LETRA

You stop in shock and confusion
And wonder what the hell is goin' on
With a generation so full of hate
And aggression, what' goin' on?
Your tension span's the length of an ant
And there you sit watching MTV
People twist and turn and shout
around you
Cluttering your mind and
making you crazy
It's makin' you crazy
I just want out
I don't wanna be here
I hate this life
I hate this confusion
They're comin' to get you
They're comin' to take you
They're comin' to shred your mind apart
And everyone clutters
the street corner
To watch the violence
that's corrupting society
But no one cares to, no
one dares to
Step a foot in the mess
Without gettin' dirt on their toes
And everyone clutters the
dopeman's house
After a raid, but no one, not a sole
Dares to clutter himself there alone
A single sole for the price of a million deaths
Who's to blame, the next time you
ask yourself
Who's to blame, who's to blame!?

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