Chicago Soundtrack I Cant Do It Alone LETRA

[Announcer, voice off-camera]
Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Velma Kelly in Act of Desperation.

[Velma Kelly]
My sister and I had an act that couldn't flop
My sister and I were headed straight for the top
My sister and I earned a thou a week at least
Oh, yeah!
But my sister is now, unfortunately, deceased
Oh, I know it's sad, of course
But a fact
is still a fact
And now all that remains
Is the remains
Of a perfect
Watch this.

They have to match it with 2 people.
It's just all two people.

First I'd...
Then she'd...
Then we'd...
But I can't do it alone!
Then she'd...
Then I'd...
Then we'...
But I can't do it alone!
She'd say, "What's your sister like?"
I'd say, "Men,"
She'd say, "you're the cat's meow"
Then we'd wow the crowd again
When she'd go...
I'd go...
We'd go...
And then those ding-dong daddies started to roar
Whistled, stomped and stamped on the floor
Yelling, screaming, begging for more.
And we'd say, "O.K. fellas, keep your socks up."
you ain't seen nothin' yet!"
But I simply cannot do it

So what do you think?
Come on, you can say.

[Roxie Hart]

[Velma Kelly]
I know you're right.
The first part is shit.
But the second part...
Second part is really nifty.

Ok, When she'd go...
I'd go...
We'd go...
And then those two-bit Johnnies did it up brown
To cheer the best attraction in town
They nearly tore the balcony down
And we'd say. "Okay, boys...
we're goin' home, but before we go here's a few more partin' shots!"
And this...
this we did in perfect unison.
Now, you've seen me goin' through it
It may seem there's nothin' to it
But I simply cannot do it

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