Elan The Road LETRA

Before you go
There are some things I should tell you
And prepare you for what you might have not seen
In the dreams you've had about this crazy world
We're living in

Stay out of trouble
Keep your eyes wide open
For a different scene
And who you might meet
Love the road you're traveling on
And believe not
That everything is clear when it's all gone

And if there's one thing
You're sure you wanna lave behind
Let it not be the memory
Of you and me
And if there's one thing
You're sure about
Let it be the time
You spent with me

Take it slow
Something might come and lift you from your feet
And if you think you know
Then it's time to let life show you
A little bit more


Was this the road you were looking for
And have you finally seen it all
The crowded streets
The looser straks
And an empty soul
With no show
And nothing to live for


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