Enriquez Joy Situation LETRA

Verse 1 :
She don't know about, what you
You've been doing with me
I feel bad about it
What would you do if you were in my shoes

B - section
I should've known right from the start
When you said she was just a friend
I should have ended it but instead
I just pretended not to know
That you're running back and forth
In and out of my life
But still i just can't seem to let go

Hook :
I know it's wrong
But i never want to let him go
Inside i know
That he's got another girl at home
I can't help but think what if it was me
Shouldn't have feel in love with someone
Who put me in this situation

Verse 2 :
You say you love me
But then you turn around and hurt me
Oh why
I can't handle it
So baby, things are gonna change
I'm gonna take my love away

B - section
It's getting harder not to think of her
At home alone at night
I can't believe that i'm a part of this
I should've never started it
Knowing you've been back and forth
In and out of my life
But i can't get you outta my mind


Bridge :
You'll never know
How much it hurts me to let you go
It's time to move on
And change right from wrong
It's finally over
And i promise you, i promise you
Won't be coming back no more


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