Vader Dark Age LETRA

Strange vision dreams my mind
When i am walking through the night
Each time i see the visage of the moon

Dead cities amongst the sands
Under the black abyss of seas
Does madness seize my soul?
The elder race
From beyond the stars
Etarnal watchers
Of sphere no return
Seven seals
Of seven mighty gates
That come true within ,e
Here's the key by which i can summon the forgotten world
Unnatural desire of the knowledge of the gods
Lust eating up the brain wherein there isn't fear yet
I break the sleep of spectral friends
Tear open the unseen, ghostly screen
Imake free all ways for demons now
And ruin the tombs of sacred souls.....
An epileptic trance is entering my body
To break all control rule of this mind
A boiling braind addicted to madness
In which every night is like a horror dream
Shudder in the dark breath
Old evil blowing icily in the dark
Wrapped in a shroud of mistery
Faint voices from beyond the spaces
Sample a dark universe
Domain of the strange races
With the angry gods
Best forgotten and left discovered
You know, of course
I'll be back from the dead
Blessing the blackness in glory
Of billions of years
On collapsed stars

In rituals of the ancient race!

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