george harrison His Name Is Legs 가사

Everything is dinkey doo

Everything that you do

You the King of Lah di da

Pretty very out far

Never over-sits he under-stands

Like the back of the hand

He should sing in a band

ooh ooh ooh

People think he's loopey loo

when they look at his shoes

He's a rocking sausage roll

He gets it in the goal

Healthy little brown affair

And when he washes his hair

He'll get a round or a square

[Get them singing]

ooh ooh ooh

Everyone from Oxford town

Way down to the Rio Grande

Knows his harbour quays, his skin tight hands

Are without seggs his name is Legs

Coolies sweating in Hong Kong

Run along to the Mardi Gras

Risking Asian flu

to meet the man who lays the eggs

His name is Legs

He's a cure for whooping cough

and if the going gets rough

Get lined up come Sikh come Czar

No matter who you are

We could get along and slide a rule

And if you don't play fools

while Larry plays pool

[You'll hear him singing]

ooh ooh ooh

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