Latyrx Storm Warning LETRA

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it began at sea
three cross currents concurrently
started turning creatin the mother of all tempest to be
excess precipitation and ionization
the cloud cover hovered ground 2000 feet
listening swiftly to meet the ocean's wave peak
along the jet stream was a fog
sparkin, rollin, and pourin needles of rain
thunderin like god's bowlin lane
Crashin and collidin, the master of craftsmen
passionately expressing his anger with his angst
then flashes rains
insanity in fastening are rationally lashing out
blossoming from his majestic means
patterns and waves gravity couldn't tame
battling seas with seas the skies were stale
the light light rain of lightening veins
brought in gray clouds with bright silk, then fade
The dark, thick, all biss, cumulus
looked more like swabs of cotton in a chalk cold ditch
stretched across all four tips of the horizon
yet its movement was swift
but then there seemed to be a shift
a small pause with and oddness and a stillness that felt
Now if the storm was the servant under the earth's surface
the congregation was stirrin
nourishin, swellin, like a serpent turning
like a burning furnace yearning
it was churning perturbed and quite determined to be heard
so the ocean floor bursts the earthquake emerged
and it formed a network of corridors
which made the earth porous, the force urge forth, the surf warm
and the storm that served above it assumed the same course
now as the rain poured waters the basin tore its corners
and they both aimed toward the northern california shore
and as the wind whispered warning, the ground hinted authority
the long shore men leaned forward, also were corneous
quadruple in proportion he was lord by his formal introduction
to the forth coming force
That afternoon the appetite of the catastrophe beast cooled
began by snacking on the panoramic view, the population of people
every single house so feeble in the mouth of the storm
the needle of the richter scale teetered and trembled
so beautifully warned
picturesque hale shot through the windowsill
the glass splinters sailed through the innards of little children
waitin for dinner, they entered then exited
the earth split like dry flesh and then engulfed two whole blocks
the roofs flew off like screw off tops
the school for the arts, the schoolin docks
plus few supermarkets and all its human contents
of ruddy is screwed on top like you throw blocks
now if you're alive to announce true accounts all over your mouth
of rumble mills spouted keep your mouths and dollars damaged
the doom, the trials, the tribulations
you can do without the balance between life and total devastation
Everything around you shakin and you quakin
and you feel the rocking of the foundation
this madness slanted vibrations
and down you go, your mind's been slow around you so
dishes flying out of their kitchen cabinet door
a few crashin when they smash in the windows
that's when you recognize
the warning isn't just the terror in your eyes
or fear between your ears
it's thunderin, the rumblin, is it all over you're now wonderin
that's when the telephone pole rips through the roof
and adds a wide stake through your living room
nature's heavy burden is now passed on to you
your world eaves and pulls, you watch the house next door
swallowed by a sinkhole, it's out of control, wow
Riveting whirlwinds gripping the world
women and children wait a minute we're all in jeopardy
The wind brought the rain
the rain cleared the lane for the quake
and still made room for more rockin
the quake shook the state, the state took the bait
then sank, but still made room for more rockin, rockin
It's like the bible says, the final days, the tidal waves
the earthquakes, the storm that breaks, simultaneously
smack the landmass, orderin californ-i-a
the pourin rain , the smoke and flames
the earth engaged in open man, from growin pains
the broken mains regurgitating all in vain, pain
your orphan daughter screams in vain
the block you came rectangular lace, from people grievin
neighborhoods that hydroplane, heavy breathin can repeat
from passenger and everybody trying to escape on half a tank
hearts palpitate, valves breakin, gas tanks, fault lines, open wine
we fall flyin, nose line
behind us a car is blindsided by a semi
fallin, cascadin, golden gate totaled, spiralin, spiralin
until the hemorrhages fall

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