Zyklon Storm Detonation LETRA

Manifestation of the storm detonation.
abandonment, renunciation, nuclear abrasion.
maximum reality, ultimate reality.
what do you long for, doomsday or alienation?
the first and the last of global warnings,
as in withered ill-willed spirit.
psychic dweller,
fearing the lies that surround you like a mental grip.
aborticide as altruistic moral.
backflashes from a past that once was,
memories from another day.
a depleted human race.
an echo that reflects and consolidates the super-humaneous will.
will to power,
call to power.
utopian abattoir, a derisive reality.
clouds, embracing the highland of earth,
as shadows from another time,
predicting the depredations of terra mater.
tell the tale of a grand magnificent new world.
tell the tale of a thousand years.
tell the tale of the storm detonation,
manifested in every fatalistic soul,
asking if you want doomsday or alienation

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