Cadaveria Spell LETRA

Beautiful witch give light to this black muddy sky

Snatch darkness from these hours

devoid of evening and morning

devoid of stars and funereal lightnings.

There is a path with no light and no moon

I ran through it to rescue my flesh

from the poisoned darts.

Modify your mind follow the shapes

from the red seven to the blue one

Mark the sacred space

In the name of wind and sound

Say your solemn prayer to the burning fire

Invoke the grace of water sources and raging oceans

Invite earth's creatures to your dance.

May Rafe lead my soul to victory

He's the master of my turbid game

May his energy bless my hand when I move the pieces

His power protects my secret plan

May his genius hasten the times

His presence secures my triumph.

Enemies' minds are frozen in a cloud of impotence

Their projects are sentenced to fail

No acts in the present, no acts in the future.

Now destiny is engraved on eternal memories.

Cosmic energies will spread it in the Universe.

No forces in their bodies No life in their souls.

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