Skindred Selector LETRA

Easy selector 'cos i know that you're ruff,
and the way you play your tunes i know you're musically tough, and ah,
i catch your vibe and the way you carry on,
and you feel say you wicked as you rock the session, and ah.
Pull it back now one time dreadlocks,
become me no you want the original don don don
play the b-side this instrumental,
beg you a piece of the version
Selector, pull the tune again me brethren,
selector, pull it back again,
selector, we don't come again now man,
selector, play the tune again.
Selector, selector,
you got to pull it up, got to pull it up,
selector, selector,
i like to pick it up, you gotta put it up ... boom!
Move to the decks and try to take up the mike,
and show the people in the place you've got the skills to excite,
you get blanked like your not even there,
even though in all them face you just constantly stare, and ah.
Jack it again i wanna ride the rhythm,
i wanna rock the rhythm,
now pull it up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up.
murder the tune now with a subsonic boom,
das how we rock out the room,
now pull it up, up, up, up, up, up, up,up.

pull it up one time, selector

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