Gin Blossoms Follow You Down 가사 ROMANIZED

Did you see the sky?

I think it means that we've been lost

Maybe one last time is all we need

I can't really help it

If my tongue's all tied in knots

Jumping off a bridge is just the farthest

That I've ever been

1-Anywhere you go, I'll follow you down

Anyplace but those I know by heart

Anywhere you go, I'll follow you down

I'll follow you down, but not that far

I know we're headed somewhere

I can see how far we've come

But still I can't remember anything

Let's not do the wrong thing

And I'll swear it might be fun

It's a long way down

When all the knots we've tied have come undone

(repeat 1)

How you gonna ever find your place

Running in an artificial pace

Are they gonna find us lying face down in the sand

So what the hell now we've already been forever damned

(rpt 1)

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