Less Right Cross LETRA

You are the worst thing
i could believe in
the devil looks just like me
you know how to prey on yourself
you know how to pray to me
If i could pick one thing i did wrong
i probably wouldn't change a thing
if i did you'd see right through me
and drag me down again
If you think i am anything like you you're wrong
if you think there is anything left here you're wrong
if you think i am empty as you are you're wrong
if you think i am suffering for you or
thinking about you you're wrong

If you think your words mean anything now you're wrong
if you think you can take anything back you're wrong
if you think you know how much this hurts me you're wrong
if you think at all i'd be impressed that you
had me convinced for so long

don't get me wrong i respect you
like death row finding jesus
like a drunk on the wagon
like myself

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